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"The Issues @ Hand"

"Misguided Shepherds"

"An Alaska Church Battles For Survival"

We've a Story to Tell fully illustrates and documents significant events within the UMC. In this book we tell what happened when the full weight and financial power of the UMC leadership were brought to bear to destroy a small church - St. Paul Church. As quoted on the back cover of the book:

"What I'm saying is there is nothing in the Discipline that speaks to this particular reason for discontinuance." - Bishop Edward Paup

"There were no specific charges being levied against St. Paul." "There was ( sic) no specific charges being ma (sic) - levied against any member of leadership." - Supt. Rachel Lieder Simeon

Again, there were no specific charges brought against this church! Why then did the conference leadership attempt to destroy it?

"Real People speak to some of the hard issues."

In New-Life Witnesses  read the stories of different people, all the way from the royal palace of an African prince to the jungles of Colombia, the life of a gang leader in the United States, and a world-renowned lawyer in Guyana. It asks some of the hard questions:
  What purpose is there to life?
  Why does life seem so unfair at times?
  What is really important in life?
  What happens when I die?
  Where am I going?
  What's it all about anyway?

Benefit from their experiences and perspectives.



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