Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Concerned Methodists?

Men and women, both laity clergy, from coast to coast who believe in the orthodox Christian faith and who want to see renewal come to the UMC.

     We are a ministry of laypeople and clergy – made up completely of volunteers serving without pay – who are joined together reaffirming our Wesleyan heritage, the Bible as being God’s word, and Jesus Christ as being fully Lord and Savior.

     We are grieved that our beloved United Methodist Church (UMC) has been in consistent decline for the past forty years.

     We believe that there are some spiritual and moral truths – similar to physical laws of gravity – that are unchanging and universal.

     We do not engage in political advocacy, but call into question those employees, bishops, and church personnel who give the public impression that they represent UM laity in their lobbying.

      We oppose actions taken by UM employees that are against our orthodox Christian faith and our Wesleyan heritage.

      One bishop has said, “Allen Morris loves the United Methodist Church.” Yes, that is why we want to see it prosper.

     There are a lot of good things going on at the local church, but the big problem is at the national and leadership level of the United Methodist Church. Significantly, as goes the leadership, so goes the denomination.

     When we return to our Wesleyan doctrine and heritage that have served us so well in the past, face our problems, correct them, and then we will start to grow again.

     Our ultimate hope is that the Holy Spirit would somehow be poured on the people of the United Methodist Church and every person would be changed into a John Wesley or a Susannah Wesley.

     Then our church would turn the United States and the world upside down for Jesus Christ!

     That is our ultimate prayer!


What is their purposes?

1.   We believe that the task of the Christian Church is, above all, the proclaiming of the complete Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and the discipling of those who answer the call. We are concerned that some agencies, boards, and members of the clergy (from the local to the episcopal level) of the United Methodist Church may not share this commitment and have, in some ways, substituted secular causes and beliefs for the Gospel. We believe this to be a misplacement of priorities that must be corrected.

2.   We believe that it is the responsibility of every Christian to effectively witness to non-believers and to do everything within his power to bring them to a saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

3.   We believe the Bible to be the inspired Word of God, without error, and as fully applicable in solving problems in today’s world as it was during the time of Christ. 

4.   We believe that each of us needs to examine and nurture his relationship with the Lord in terms of Bible study, prayer, quiet times, Scripture memorization, and Christian fellowship on a daily basis. 

5.  We believe that all members of the laity need to be as fully informed as possible. A knowledgeable, aware, assertive membership is as vital to renewal as is an open, responsive, Bible-based clergy. 

6.   We are committed to actively informing others of the issues and activities involving members, boards, and agencies of the United Methodist Church, and critically examining its policies. 

7.   We are committed to actively pursuing changes where we deem them necessary. For this purpose, we are committed to doing everything necessary to bring about change within the United Methodist Church. We will continue to work within the organization until it is once again an effective instrument for doing God’s will in proclaiming  the Good News of Jesus Christ, in discipling its members, and in helping those in need.

What are their activities?

            Talk to churches and other interested groups of people; publicize information as widely as possible through: a website, The Christian Methodist Newsletter, the Monthly “Update,” publish books and financial studies, fact sheets (homosexuality and abortion) 

How can I help?

            Prayer, financial support, inform others, question clergy and other church leaders, express your concerns. 

Are my contributions tax deductible?

            Yes. We are a tax exempt organization under the laws of North Carolina and a corporation organized under the federal IRS regulation 501(c)3.

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