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oncerned Methodists is a "Renewal" organization consisting of men and women literally from "coast to coast" working within the United Methodist Church for revival in the denomination. We believe that this would be accomplished by greater Biblical faithfulness to our denomination's Wesleyan heritage and by drawing from its Judeo-Christian ethic which extends back for over 3500 years.

We are committed to actively informing others of the issues and activities involving members, boards, and agencies of the United Methodist Church, and examining its policies.

We publish The Christian Methodist Newsletter, a Monthly Update, and various books and studies on the United Methodist Church.

We have no paid employees and use contributions given to us in the most efficient manner possible with minimal overhead. We ask that you would pray about supporting Concerned Methodists prayerfully and financially.

The Officers and Directors of Concerned Methodists, Inc.
P. O. Box 2864
Fayetteville, NC 28302-2864
Phone: 910/488-4379 FAX: 910/488-5090


Website maintained by Rev. John Warrener at

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