UMC Clergy/Laity Begin to Publically call for Bishops' Resignations"

Dear Bishop Sprague,

I read in a recent news report that "despite the verdict, the bishop declared that he continues to consider Dell 'an exemplary pastor whose record of faithfulness is, in my opinion, beyond reproach.'" I am assuming that this is an accurate quote of your words. If not, I stand corrected.

In my opinion anyone who blatantly disregards the Discipline, the Scripture, the long tradition of the entire church since its inception, as well as the Hebrew practice since its beginning.....anyone who apparently does not consider what devastating consequences his actions will have upon the whole church as well as the nation IS NOT AN EXEMPLARY PASTOR with a record of FAITHFULNESS BEYOND REPROACH. Exemplary of what? Faithful to whom?

As a bishop it is your responsibility to give Scriptural, exemplary leadership to the church.

Because your own beliefs, reportedly, are not in accord with the Discipline, and more important, not in accord with the several Scriptures dealing with sexual/homosexual issues,

AND FURTHERMORE, because these issues are the very issues with which our society is wrestling at this moment in history,

AND FURTHERMORE, because the church ought to give unwavering moral and spiritual guidance to a society in turmoil,

AND FURTHERMORE, because every time a bishop publicly expresses verbal support for the legitimizing of homosexuality, the witness of the church is weakened in society, especially to the homosexual community itself,

THEREFORE, I believe that you, and every other bishop who publicly expresses similar disagreements with the Discipline of the United Methodist Church, as well as, and more important, with Holy Scripture, should voluntarily resign from your office.

While it is true that we are free to "disagree" at times with the Discipline, our episcopal leaders should be far more careful and concerned about the effect such disagreements have upon the whole church. Merely pledging to uphold the Discipline is not enough...not for a bishop. A bishop, in a real sense, "represents the Discipline".

Therefore, I humbly ask you to consider resignation.


Dan Tilly, pastor,
Christ United Methodist Church
Memphis Annual Conference.
Mayfield, KY

Signers: Don Spruill, St. James UMC, Atlanta; John Crowe, A.P.C.; Patrick Bailey; Mike and Carmen Gordon; Susan Ralphe, Fountain Hills, AZ; Jeff L. Glaze, Kingswood UMC, Dunwoody, GA; Becky Madison, Mustang UMC, Mustang, OK; Pam Clevenger, Lyndon, IL; Paul T. Sato, North Northfield UMC; Wesley Putnam General Evangelist, Bedford, Texas; Daniel Lauffer, Prophetstown, Illinois; Steven Hammer, North Northfield UMC, Northbrook, Illinois; Sam Marshall, Belleville, Illinois; Steve Holston, pastor, Idalou UMC, Idalou, Texas; Laura Garrott, Christ UMC, Mayfield, KY; Joyce Riley, Christ UMC, Mayfield, KY; Bill & Louella Matheny, Christ UMC, Mayfield, KY; Sonja Page, Christ UMC, Mayfield, KY; Tom & Agnes Etheridge, Christ UMC, Mayfield, KY; Don Benson, Rockingham, N.C.; Richard M. West, Wesley UMC, Harlington, TX; John. W. Presley; Dale R. Bailey, Poca UMC, Poca, W.V.; Bob & Betty Howell, Omaha, NE; Joe McManus, First UMC, Goliad, TX; Donald E. Wildmon, Mississippi Conference; Donald H. Roulsten, Grand Avenue UMC, Porterville, California; Jim Yoakum, Holston Conf.; John T. Metz, Batavia UMC, Batavia, IL; Diana R. Metz, Batavia UMC, Batavia, IL; Dick McClain, MSUM, North Georgia Annual Conf.; James A. Gibson, Pastor, Marshallville UMC, Marshallville, GA; Richard M. Dalfiume, Nichols UMC, NY; Bob Farmer, Bethesda UMC, Damascus, MD; Nancy Hart, Christ UMC, Mayfield, KY; Carole Yarbrough, Arlington, TN; Mark T. Faggard, Zirlott Road UMC, Coden, AL; Rev. Lon Miller; Robert E. Dauber, Trinity UMC, West Ohio Conf.; Jim Sokolewicz, Papillion, NE; Cathy Sokolewicz, Papillion, NE; Don Woolley, Wilmore, KY; Russ & Donna Knight, Grace UMC, Perry, FL; Jet Throckmorton, First UMC, Harlington, TX; Charles Van Becelaere, Grosse Pointe UMC, Grosse Pointe Farms,MI; Jeff Childs, St. John the Apostle UMC, Arlington, TX; Steve Cunningham, Trinity UMC, Paducah, KY; Gerald & Cindy Schaefer, Trinity UMC, Paducah, KY; Rob Clopton, St. John the Apostle UMC, Arlington, TX; Don Usiak, Pleasant Valley UMC, Amarillo, TX; Greg Bell, Idalou UMC, Idalou, TX; John C. Quigley II, Pastor, First UMC, Kenedy, TX; Allen O. Morris, MBA, Executive Director, Concerned Methodists, INC.; Robert Gamble, Iowa Annual Conference; Ellen Beebe, First UMC, Marietta, GA; Pat Stafford, Marrietta, GA; Doug Allen, First UMC, Lifflefield, TX; Martha Daughtry, First UMC, Marietta, GA; Randel Miltiades, First UMC, Marietta, Ga; Tom C. Tanner, Jr. University of Georgia Wesley Foundation, Athens, GA; Tom Mills, Lubbock, TX; Jim & Ruth Doherty, First UMC, Collingswood, NJ; Charles L. Dennis, General Evangelist, S. Georgia Conference; Harold Nixon, First UMC, Abilene, TX; Dr. H. T. Maclin; Brian Shimer, Banks UMC, Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference; Rev. Roy E. Jacobsen, Trinity UMC, Windsor, CT; Dewey & Daphne Baucum, St. Paul UMC, Midland, TX; Kevin Deckard, First UMC, Canyon, TX; Clyde Smiley, Christ UMC, Mayfield, KY; Chris D. Humphreys, pastor, South Rosemary UMC, North Carolina Annual Conference; Jeanne Holston, Idalou UMC, Idalou, TX; Dallas Peyton Sr., Friendship Charge UMCs, Pine Grove, WV; Rev. Benjamin S. Sharpe, Jr. OSMA, North Carolina Annual Conference; Janz Mynderup, Fresno, CA; Robert M. Haney, Cannonsburg UMC, Ashland, KY; Richard L. Kuhn, Jr., Langdale UMC, Valley, AL; James Gilson, Langdale UMC, Valley, AL; Steve Cook, First UMC, Ft. Smith, AR; Robert Kirk, St. Paul UMC, Midland, TX; Glen Dunn, Bandana UMC, Bandana, KY; Rusty Dickerson, First UMC, Dimmitt, TX; Jim Allen, South Rosemary UMC, Roanoke Rapids, NC; Max Browning, Pastor, First UMC, Plainview, TX; Scott Tucker, Associate Pastor, St. Mark UMC, Columbus, GA; Lola Hensley, St. Stephen's UMC, Houston; Rev. Buford W. Hankins, Pastor, Trinity UMC, Big Stone Gap, VA; Rev. Kevin Miles, Emmanuel UMC, Blissfield, MI; Rev. David O. Moehring, South Camden Charge, NC; Rusty Dickerson, First UMC, Dimmitt, TX; Kevin S. Chisholm, Pastor, Community UMC, Saganing Indian Church, Standish, MI; Rev. Bill Lichlyter, Chestnut Grove/Ebenezer, Hoslton, Conf.; Pastor Bob Mathias, East Ohio Conference; Michael Hinton, Mayflower/Graham Chapel, Mayflower, AR; Linda Karalfa, Clarkston, WA; Bob Parker, East Ringgold UMC, Circleville, OH; Rusty Dickerson, First UMC, Dimmitt, TX; Jim Allen, South Rosemary UMC, Roanoke Rapids, NC; Max Browning, Pastor, First UMC, Plainview, TX; Scott Tucker, Associate Pastor, St. Mark UMC, Columbus, GA; Lola Hensley, St. Stephen's UMC, Houston; Rev. Buford W. Hankins, Pastor, Trinity UMC, Big Stone Gap, VA; Cynthia Jenks Weber, First UMC, Marietta; Rev. Wade Compton, South Indiana Conference; Ronald A. Greilich, ret. Clovis, CA; Rev. Mike Voigts, First UMC, Meridian, TX; Brad Reeves, Pastor, First UMC, Muleshoe, TX; Michael Rominger, Oakland UMC, Dry Fork, VA; Judy Rominger, Oakland UMC, Dry Fork, VA; Will Langrehr, Wister UMC, Wister, OK; James Lambert, Altus, OK; Dr. Bill Phares, General Evangelist, North Alabama Conference; Gary Kuehl, Dunwoody United Methodist Church, Atlanta, GA.; Ed & Sue Hamblin, Fayetteville, NC

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